2017-Manzana Verde_La Manzana de Eva_Málaga. Spain.

“Manzana Verde” competition 2017

Miguel Campos González , Dr. Architect
Juan Pedro Romera Giner, Architect
Raul Benagues Catalá, Architecture student
José Manuel Pérez Quereda, Architecture student

SSS_01_2017_Manzana Verde_Malaga_MV_nomb_07

SSS_01_2017_Manzana Verde_Malaga_MV_Vista ext_04

Eva’s house. View into one of the houses.

A single bite to the apple left us with no freedom.

The green apple with blocks, of different heights and lengths, although of the same depth. Eve’s apple was free and she freely bit it. Well, Many architects have researched the wet cores, trying to move them around the house, producing compartmented spaces and various smells. Crushed, exempt, cornered, or mobile cores. All of them destroying freedom. Biting the apple.

SSS_01_2017_Manzana Verde_Malaga_MV_axo mini_08


Snow White’s apple was red. Eva’s was colorless.

Adolf Rading – Breslau 1929-, built a building of flexible housing. Its only fixed element was a structural column located in the center of the room. The column allowed different solutions, variable in time or adapted to the needs.

The proposal proposes the same solution for all the buildings of the block:

The core. The seed.

A clustered and dense, compact core arises. A nucleus that groups rigid elements, communication nuclei and wet cores.

Los núcleos se sitúan cada dos viviendas dejando libre un espacio entre los mismos de 13 metros de ancho y 14 de profundidad. Entre ellos dos viviendas iguales o distintas.

SSS_01_2017_Manzana Verde_Malaga_MV_plantas_01_05

Typologies 01

SSS_01_2017_Manzana Verde_Malaga_MV_plantas_02_06

Typologies 02

The space defined in between both cores is completely free, so different dimensional, spacial and functional solutions are proposed. This is possible because of the flexibility allowed by the high density in each core.

SSS_01_2017_Manzana Verde_Malaga_MV_planta detalle_03
Plan in detaill.

Urban space is recognized as paradise, a leisure and travel elsewhere, hoping not to meet with the apple.

Clear, free, flexible, adaptable space. Perhaps Mies would regain happiness-freedom.

SSS_01_2017_Manzana Verde_Malaga_MV_axo_01

Life in Eve’s apple. Axonometry.

Panels submitted:

SSS_01_2017_Manzana Verde_Malaga_MV_panel1_08Panel 1

SSS_01_2017_Manzana Verde_Malaga_MV_panel2_09

Panel 2

SSS_01_2017_Manzana Verde_Malaga_MV_Situacion_10

Aerial photo. Scope of action