2018-Urban renovation in Almansa-Albacete-Spain.

1st PRIZE – Urban renovation competition in Almansa (Albacete) 2018

Ángel Fito, Architect

An urban corridor to the castle of Almansa

The city of Almansa always looks towards its castle, because in it is its genesis and its future. In the urban future of the city, the castle will not be just a symbol, or a monument to contemplate on the hill of the Eagle, static and timeless. But it must be conceived as a latent heart with its almond shape towards where all the natural lines of movement of the city are directed.

Thus, with this vision we project an urban corridor that is born at the northwest gates of the city and enters it until reaching the Puerta de Poniente of the castle. But until then, the sinuous urban corridor constructs new spaces for the city, spaces full of vegetation, sunny and friendly with the pedestrian. These three urban strategies are the conceptual basis of our project for the regeneration of the city of Almansa.


THREE URBAN REGENERATION STRATEGIES for the urban center of Almansa

Urban naturalization

From the beginning of Campos Street begins a lush linear garden of 350 meters in length, wide until it reaches the surroundings of the Duque de Alba school where it narrows to turn on Calle Federico García Lorca. Here the space becomes wider again, and we transform it into an elongated square where the Coliseum Cinema looms and extends along Duque de la Victoria Street. Here the corridor bifurcates into two branches that flow into Plaza Santa María, a beautiful funnel space that leads you to the foot of the Puerta de Poniente.

Friendly city with pedestrian

A fully accessible, continuous urban plan is proposed without any grading steps or steps or curbs. We project an urban space directed to the pedestrian, where the walkers flow without obstacles, the children play without danger and the elderly converse in the shade of the trees in a quiet street.


180422_CALM_EI_1P180422_CALM_EI_1PThe sunny public space

All the new squares and gardens are projected on the sunny sides of the streets. The trees, the benches, the children’s games and the terraces are arranged under the southern sun. On the other side, in shadow a sidewalk, and between these spaces the lane of vehicles that always circulate in one direction.

2018-Housing competition in Sant Feliu de Llobregat-Barcelona-Spain


Competition in Sant Feliu de Llobregat 2018



The sun moves and our building accompanies it throughout the day. When the sun rises, when it is in its azimuth and when the sunset comes, our building accompanies it. That’s how it behaves, like a sunflower curling on itself without losing a single ray of sunlight. Our building is built with the sun. Skin and space. The skin of the Mediterranean is made of shutters, lattices, cantilevers and galleries, and its space is full of shadows, backlights and shadows. Phenomena all produced by the sun.

SSS_01_2018_Sant Feliu_06


/Users/Kereda/Dropbox/SSS/SSS - CONCURSO VIVIENDAS BARCELONA/SANFresh air from the east cross the spaces without interruption. The air flow through all the rooms, freeing the architecture from the artificial mechanisms of air conditioning. And when the harsh and inclement summers come, the space of the house will breathe the cold air of the heart of the building, a gallery space in dimness humidified by the perspiration of its vegetation.


The Venturi Effect is guaranteed.




General plan



SSS_01_2018_Sant Feliu_07

The back garden enters through the courtyard of access to the building. Before raising, under this last one, and to your right, a polyvalent space in shadow, owned by the community, is transparent. Up, access garden galleries ascend as the gardens of Babylon, green and vertical. The texture of the building becomes warm and bright because of the orange pottery and from the houses the sounds and smells of the neighborhood appear. Further up, the galleries becomes open-air terraces for common enjoyment.


Sun, air and people


2017-Manzana Verde_La Manzana de Eva_Málaga. Spain.

“Manzana Verde” competition 2017

Miguel Campos González , Dr. Architect
Juan Pedro Romera Giner, Architect
Raul Benagues Catalá, Architecture student
José Manuel Pérez Quereda, Architecture student

SSS_01_2017_Manzana Verde_Malaga_MV_nomb_07

SSS_01_2017_Manzana Verde_Malaga_MV_Vista ext_04

Eva’s house. View into one of the houses.

A single bite to the apple left us with no freedom.

The green apple with blocks, of different heights and lengths, although of the same depth. Eve’s apple was free and she freely bit it. Well, Many architects have researched the wet cores, trying to move them around the house, producing compartmented spaces and various smells. Crushed, exempt, cornered, or mobile cores. All of them destroying freedom. Biting the apple.

SSS_01_2017_Manzana Verde_Malaga_MV_axo mini_08


Snow White’s apple was red. Eva’s was colorless.

Adolf Rading – Breslau 1929-, built a building of flexible housing. Its only fixed element was a structural column located in the center of the room. The column allowed different solutions, variable in time or adapted to the needs.

The proposal proposes the same solution for all the buildings of the block:

The core. The seed.

A clustered and dense, compact core arises. A nucleus that groups rigid elements, communication nuclei and wet cores.

Los núcleos se sitúan cada dos viviendas dejando libre un espacio entre los mismos de 13 metros de ancho y 14 de profundidad. Entre ellos dos viviendas iguales o distintas.

SSS_01_2017_Manzana Verde_Malaga_MV_plantas_01_05

Typologies 01

SSS_01_2017_Manzana Verde_Malaga_MV_plantas_02_06

Typologies 02

The space defined in between both cores is completely free, so different dimensional, spacial and functional solutions are proposed. This is possible because of the flexibility allowed by the high density in each core.

SSS_01_2017_Manzana Verde_Malaga_MV_planta detalle_03
Plan in detaill.

Urban space is recognized as paradise, a leisure and travel elsewhere, hoping not to meet with the apple.

Clear, free, flexible, adaptable space. Perhaps Mies would regain happiness-freedom.

SSS_01_2017_Manzana Verde_Malaga_MV_axo_01

Life in Eve’s apple. Axonometry.

Panels submitted:

SSS_01_2017_Manzana Verde_Malaga_MV_panel1_08Panel 1

SSS_01_2017_Manzana Verde_Malaga_MV_panel2_09

Panel 2

SSS_01_2017_Manzana Verde_Malaga_MV_Situacion_10

Aerial photo. Scope of action


1st PRIZE “Manzana Verde” Contest 2017

Miguel Campos González , Dr. Architect
Juan Pedro Romera Giner, Architect
Raul Benagues Catalá, Architecture student
José Manuel Pérez Quereda, Architecture student

eSe, or “S”

SSS_01_2017_Manzana Verde_Malaga_fachada_06

1st Prize for SSS in the contest “Manzana Verde” of Malaga to which the block BL 1.5 is granted.

The Jury has valued the solution of the project section as well as its modulation and its sincere reflection to the outside, considering very correct the typology of raised housing directed to young people that, despite its arrangement in three levels, offers a great versatility and capacity for transformation and adaptation to different and changing needs. The building could achieve high energy efficiency standards due to the layout of its homes and the southern orientation of the main façade.

SSS_01_2017_Manzana Verde_Malaga_situacion_04

Schematic of the situation of corridors and vertical communication core


“S” is a letter of the alphabet.

The letters A, B, C, D, E, F, K, .., were occupied by the typologization section of STROIKOM (Committee for State Construction) in 1929. Cells C, D, E, F and K, Were associated with corridors, and therefore to community spaces, commune houses, or transitional houses.

SSS_01_2017_Manzana Verde_Malaga_Bl 1_1_01

Block BL 1.1. Section and type plants.

SSS_01_2017_Manzana Verde_Malaga_Bl 1_2_3_02

Bloks BL 1.2 and BL 1.3. Section and type plants.

SSS_01_2017_Manzana Verde_Malaga_Bl 1_4_5_03

Bloks BL 1.4 and BL 1.5. Section and type plants.


The “S” is also the letter of Scharoum who built -1929 Breslau-, a magnificent building that grouped small cells in semi-levels for single workers or couples without children, with a system of access by corridor, and a generous community space.

The “S” is not the letter of BaKema, which much later – 1959 – solved an incredible section of five semi-level served by a single corridor. Bakema was left in the way the communal spaces and for that reason its name does not have S.

The eSe proposal, never leaves the “S” alone, associates S with e. (eSe).

The belief that cells, grouped around a corridor would be able to solve all the blocks of the green apple has been the engine of our intervention. The belief that a block with corridor would associate the cells and allow the emptying of some of them to configure community spaces and urban windows seemed obvious.


SSS_01_2017_Manzana Verde_Malaga_Planta_08

Scheme of aggregation system and plants in detail.

The “S” cell is large, the “e” small one.

The “S” is formed by three planes at a semi-level of 3 x 12 m. The access plane is placed lateral to the other two planes in an intermediate semi-level, and with a height of plant and a half, it is destined to the main space of the house. The other two planes at 1.5 meters above or below the former house indistinctly bedrooms, play spaces or work.

The “S” is flexible, allowing diverse uses and spatial relationships.

The “e” is small. It is a unique space of a single level also of 3 x 12 m.

The “S” and “e” are grouped in different ways, so that different family groups live in the same building. Its grouping causes dwellings of very different size: 36, 72, 108, …. Multiples of 36.SSS_01_2017_Manzana Verde_Malaga_Seccion_05

Cross section.

As for the urban space, paved areas are minimized, with the rest being resolved with mortar sand and trees of green shade.

Returning to the cells…

SSS_01_2017_Manzana Verde_Malaga_Vista alzados_07

Exterior view of the façades of the whole.

Both the “S” and the “e” are generous, because when required, they are left empty, to become community spaces, open spaces, or urban windows.

In mathematics 1 + 1 are two, in architecture “e” + “S” are similar to eSe.


Panels submitted:

/Users/joss/Dropbox/SSS/SSS - CONCURSOS/28_Abril_Manzana Verde_M

Panel 1

/Users/joss/Dropbox/SSS/SSS - CONCURSOS/28_Abril_Manzana Verde_M

Panel 2

SSS_01_2017_Manzana Verde_Malaga_MV_Situacion_10

Aerial photo. Scope of action

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