2018-Escudero Durán Patio House – El Cabanyal – Valencia.

Escudero Durán Patio House. El Cabanyal. Valencia. Spain (2018)SSS_01_2017_Casa Escudero Duran_02

There are three spaces that are one, the ceramic floor of a warm orange color unites them all. The house, the patio and the pavilion.

In the patio grows a tree, deciduous to let pass the low sun of winter.

And in the background, a small pavilion of low height. A guest bedroom, a work space or a separate room. Above it, a terrace that receives the sun from the east.

SSS_01_2017_Casa Escudero Duran_06

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The house contains two elements: a storage and kitchen furniture that runs through the house from the entrance door to the old loading wall of the house. And a wet room, located next to the access, small and transparent on top.

SSS_01_2017_Casa Escudero Duran_03

Isometric 01

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Isometric 02
SSS_01_2017_Casa Escudero Duran_01Tree spaces: the house, the patio and the pavilion.